Just a day after the company unveiled its new line of Hello Quaggan backpacks, the Sanquaggan Company is under fire for allegedly using forced quaggan labor to create the new plush accessory.

The accusations were brought forth by Ramperoo, a quaggan who says he was able to escape the labor camp. He claims that he just wants to set his brothers and sisters free, citing that the work conditions are, “Not coo.”

Sanquaggan has released the following statement:

“There’s nothing illegal happening here. We needed to improve the throughput from our textile mills and these quaggan are amazing little seamstresses. We offer a fair day’s wage of crab meat to these guys and they wouldn’t want to leave all this fresh, juicy crab meat…. would they? “

Officials are to make visits to all Sanquaggan factories to investigate these claims and will be holding a press conference to review their findings.

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