BLACK CITADEL – In an effort to stay attractive to the opposite sex, more and more charr have taken to extreme measures. Yes, horn-jobs are at an all-time high.

This comes as no surprise. With the help of new surgical techniques devised by the asura, horn enhancement is now safer than ever. Plus, unlike horn enhancement pills, this outpatient surgery comes with no fear of addiction, violent mood swings, or suicidal thoughts.

Yet there are some in the charr community who scoff at the idea of unnatural growth. “I don’t even know what to believe anymore,” says Roger Hightower, a local meat vendor who said he was always admired for his tall, flowing horns. “It’s cheating, if you ask me. Which… you did ask me… so yeah, it’s cheating. If we really want to make sure our offspring are strong, we need to know who the most virile among us are.”

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